Revnekan Institute (KRHI) Radio

KRHI Radio is an outgrowth of the storytelling and healing activities Ghaelen conducts in the Metaverse – the collection of virtual world she lives and works in.  These include Sinespace, Second Life, OpenSimulator (De Landria Rising in Kitely), and the Cavern (Myst/Uru Online).  The De Landria KRHI Metaversal Radio Broadcast Station is in Rosehaven Park, in Second Life.  De Landria Isla in Sinespace is also a healing age always being improved.

Ghaelen hosts a Relaxing and Balancing session on Sundays and Tuesdays at 9:00am Pacific Time in Second Life and in Sinespace.  Sunday Second Life sessions are held on the Spyralle Rooftop in Mauna Waipio and Tuesday Sessions are in the second-level Villa on Inspiration Island.  This session is often simulcast in Sine Space in the De Landria Isla region. You can listen to these sessions  on this page even if you can’t join us in either virtual world.

Your support for these sessions is greatly appreciated, and helps Ghaelen spend her time creating more beneficial events, dances, workshops, and virtual art to go with these events!  See her new Patreon Page to see the amazing healing program and creations she’s working on!

Look for news and announcements about updates and events here on the blog, the calendar, and on the Healers’ Page on Facebook.  More coming!

KHRI Radio (when playing 24/7) is a Creative Commons Radio Station and plays music from artists that have published under the Creative Commons license or have given Ghaelen permission to share their music with you.

Click the play button below to listen to the KRHI Radio Live Broadcast during a relaxation session and Radio KGOH: Restoration & Events during events for the Uru community.

If you think your stream is lagging behind, just refresh this page.

If Ghaelen is broadcasting on Radio KGOH for a MOULa Cavern Event and this page doesn’t play, the KGOH music button on Urutunes should be green. You should be able to listen in there.

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