KRHI Radio Live Broadcast, Sine Space Winter Festival

Ghaelen will be broadcasting live for the Sine Space Winter Festival. If you’re inworld, join us in Steam Lake Winter at 3:00pm Eastern Time. If you’re not able to join us ‘in person’ you can listen on the KRHI Radio page here on the De Landria website. More information about the Winter Festival on theContinue reading “KRHI Radio Live Broadcast, Sine Space Winter Festival”

KRHI Radio Gentle Music Concert & Gentle Movement Dance

You are invited to a KRHI Radio/Radio KGOH music and movement event held simultaneously across the Metaverse through the wonderful magic of internet radio. This is a simple gathering for peace and camaraderie – for movement and expression.  It will also be a great time to renew friendships and make new ones. 🙂 Saturday, SeptemberContinue reading “KRHI Radio Gentle Music Concert & Gentle Movement Dance”

KRHI Radio Metaversal Tour August 19, 2017

Join me (Ghaelen D’Lareh) for a KRHI Radio/Radio KGOH 5+ hour radio broadcast and a Metaversal Mini Tour on August 19, 2017. The music follows us as we change locations in Second Life, OpenSim, the Uru Cavern, and Sine Space. This transformational, ethereal music experience will uplift your spirits as we visit some of myContinue reading “KRHI Radio Metaversal Tour August 19, 2017”

Ghaelen having fun with store and story

I have had a lot of fun whipping up enough product to fill a small booth at the Hypergrid Merchant Fair on the Kitely grid.  It begins October 18 and runs through November 1, 2015.  I seem to have done alright for myself, and even have a gift in the Fair region hunt.  I’m alsoContinue reading “Ghaelen having fun with store and story”

Healing Institute Expansion

The regents  at the Revnekan Institute for the Healing Arts are expanding the campus on Giloveelay in anticipation for new members and students.  In the meantime I have been conducting outreach healing sessions in the Healing Sanctuary, the Mountain Retreat and, recently, back home in the Cavern.  Here you will find news regarding the expansionContinue reading “Healing Institute Expansion”

Educators of all Ilks meet in Second Life

I joined a new group last month, called Adventures in Lifelong Learning.  Today I went to the first ‘official’ organizational meeting on Inspiration Island in Second Life.  I am inspired by the number of people who attended today and also in awe of the talent and range of abilities among the members of the group.Continue reading “Educators of all Ilks meet in Second Life”