About DeLandria

De Landria is a place, a concept, a company, and a story.   In De Landria Worlds, you can attend guided meditations, join a mystery storytelling team, or engage in self-empowerment sessions.  Primarily housed in OpenSimulator and Sine Space, the De Landria Worlds offer a wide variety of spaces for your home, office, educational facility, or place to meet with friends or colleagues.

De Landria Worlds works in tandem with KRHI Radio to bring you weekly meditations, tours across virtual platforms, empowerment gatherings, and celebration dances.

De Landria is the creation of medieval historian, Dauna Kiser, and melds her love of immersive learning with her varied interests in history, healing, art, and storytelling.  Dr. Kiser’s historical research centers around women in education (Medieval to Victorian), and her passion for building virtual worlds has resulted in the “inworld” classroom that is nothing like any classroom seen before.  She believes strongly in communication across times and places, in quiet but busy discovery, and in a compassionate environment that fosters mutual respect for all people who enter into it.

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