KRHI Radio Live Broadcast, Sine Space Winter Festival

Ghaelen will be broadcasting live for the Sine Space Winter Festival.

If you’re inworld, join us in Steam Lake Winter at 3:00pm Eastern Time.

If you’re not able to join us ‘in person’ you can listen on the KRHI Radio page here on the De Landria website.

More information about the Winter Festival on the Sine Space Blog.

Published by Ghaelen D'Lareh

I am a real-life fictional character in the Myst Online/Uru Live and Second Life Metaverses. I am a founding member of the (Restored) Guild of Healers in Uru, and lead healing sessions that are broadcast on KRHI Radio ( I paint, sew, build, and sell my art in RL and in two virtual shops: De Landria Rising in Kitely on Opensimulator (; and in De Landria Creations in Sinespace ( In Uru I travel from Age to Age, learning about the ancient D'ni, herbs, oils, healing, and nefarious plots. I guide meditations both in-world and out, and teach intuitive expression. Support KRHI Radio and my creative projects on Patreon! (

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