KRHI Radio Gentle Music Concert & Gentle Movement Dance

You are invited to a KRHI Radio/Radio KGOH music and movement event held simultaneously across the Metaverse through the wonderful magic of internet radio. This is a simple gathering for peace and camaraderie – for movement and expression.  It will also be a great time to renew friendships and make new ones. 🙂

Saturday, September 23
Gentle Music Concert & Gentle Movement Dance

Held across the Metaverse:

  • Second Life: The Garden of InPossible You on Inspiration Island. ( to join,  SLURL to the location:
  • Guild of Healers’ Hood in the Cavern. to join, and /forums for help in finding the GOH Hood (via the Nexis)
  • DeLandria Isla in Sine Space (after the dance – see below).  DeLandria Isla

Guild of Healers’ Hood in the Cavern
9:00-10:30am SLT (10:00-11:30am KiTime)

Music will play on the Second Life and Sine Space region land streams, on KRHI Radio Web Player page (autoplay) and on UruTunes (click on KGOH).

Following the dance, I welcome any beta testers to join me in DeLandria Isla in Sine Space for a beta test of the Healers’ Age prototype I’m building. I’d like to test the streaming music and voice capabilities to see whether they play well together or would make us more stressed than relaxed. There are campfires to sit around, and we may even get to see a sunrise or sunset. All part of the beta test 🙂

It will start at 11:00 SLT; 12:00 noon KiTime (1:00pm EDT) and will last about an hour.

Hope to see you then!

Published by Ghaelen D'Lareh

I am a real-life fictional character in the Myst Online/Uru Live and Second Life Metaverses. I am a founding member of the (Restored) Guild of Healers in Uru, and lead healing sessions that are broadcast on KRHI Radio ( I paint, sew, build, and sell my art in RL and in two virtual shops: De Landria Rising in Kitely on Opensimulator (; and in De Landria Creations in Sinespace ( In Uru I travel from Age to Age, learning about the ancient D'ni, herbs, oils, healing, and nefarious plots. I guide meditations both in-world and out, and teach intuitive expression. Support KRHI Radio and my creative projects on Patreon! (

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